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About Kenka

Kenka is a brand inspired by Japanese Martial arts culture and designs. The designs are recognized by their clean and stylish look and is always made of top quality materials. All products are tested and designed toghether with professional athletes and coached before we release them.

The company founded in 2005 and the Kenka brand was launched 2007 we're quite old in the martial arts business with focus on MMA and grappling.

Kenka MMA Gloves has been used in professional MMA competitions in Spain, Sweden, Finland and Germany. Today it has the first glove approved by the hard regulations of SMMAF (Swedish Mixed Martial Arts Federation). It has been used in competitions as Glory, Rumble of the Kings, The Zone FC, 10th Legion Championship, Almogavers Barcelona, Battle of Bottnia, Fight Night and Oulu Fight.

Kenka Boxinggloves have been used in hundres of Thaiboxing competitions from Professional bouts to amateur National championships.